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Product Teams need to focus on high priority items every minute of every day. Surfacing what’s important across all the conversations, through all the channels captured in video calls, telephone calls, support tickets etc, is nearly impossible. Let Getware do the hard work.

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Which features will drive the largest impact for your organization? There’s no real right or wrong in alot of cases, but using data to help narrow the pool of choices is one of the most difficult, time consuming tasks product managers engage in. How can Getware help? Try it!

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How do actual users of your product view your product relative to your main competitors? There are many sources such as G2 that have nuggets of information based on actual user feedback. Reviewing these channels on a regular basis is part of a product team’s core responsibilities and requires constant time and effort. See how Getware makes that work so much easier.

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Imagine for a second that you already know the features you want to include in your next sprint. Now comes the job of creating user stories for your engineering teams to start planning their work and tasks. What if you could go from client feedback right to user story? Give it a try with Getware.

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Sure your CRM has reports, visualizations, tables and other tools to understand quantities of deals won and lost. But how do you easily extract the feedback sales reps are putting into your CRM to help drive product improvements? Using Getware, we can easily get you that information and let you converse with your data. Give it a try.

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Trusted by 100+ product managers

Critical product themes to fuel your next wave of growth

Discover the most impactful product opportunities according to your customers
Understand the product reasons behind lost deals and customer churn
Action feedback directly in the GetWare Platform and create user stories using our generative AI
Access product feedback directly without having to rely on sales/support teams


Integrate Getware with every source of customer feedback.


"Getware bought our attention to nuanced customer needs and pains discussed in customer calls making them accessible to the entire team"

"Getware democratized feedback and helps me validate user needs in few clicks, we are more confident of our product decisions"


"Getware helps us with needs and features prospects are discussing in sales calls and their impact on conversion"

Reuben Tozman CPO, Enghouse Interactive

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