We organize and analyze user feedback at scale

Getware ensures product teams are working on most impactful opportunities.

  • Validate every product decision and user need
  •  Explore product gaps causing lost deals and customers churn
  • Align your organization on what’s most important to customers
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Work on the most impactful opportunities.

Getware integrates with every customer interaction tool to create a searchable repository of user feedback.
Validate every product decision and user need
Explore product opportunities extracted from user interactions
Align teams with a single source of truth for all user needs and pains


Integrate Getware with every source of customer feedback.


Getware helped team at Freshbooks to extract product opportunities from their NPS survey

"Getware helps me validate user needs in few clicks, we are more confident of our product decisions and roadmap"


"Getware helps us align our product and sales teams on the roadmap, helps us evaluate feature requests objectively"

Reuben Tozman CPO, Enghouse Interactive

    Enterprise-grade performance,
    security, & compliance you can trust.

    Built using the highest security standards with industry-leading administration,
    access management, custom permissions, and more.

    Product security

    Best-in-class protection with SAML SSO, IP Whitelisting, audit logs, and RBAC

    Cloud security

    ISO 27002:2013 controls & SOC 2 Focus Points for industry-standard protection

    Application security

    Extensive security processes using industry standards like NIST

    Capture product opportunities along
    the customer journey

    Customers share different insights at different stages of their journey.
    Getware helps you capture them all, at one place.
    One place to find structured customer feedback data.

    Without Getware

      User feedback scattered across multiple platforms – validating product decisions at exploratory level is hard
      Unable to use qualitative feedback effectively as it’s time-consuming to triage feedback manually 
    • Misalignment within the teams due to different understanding of user
    • Subjectivity in prioritization

    With Getware

    • One platform to harmonize data from all feedback sources – validate product decisions in one click
    • Every qualitative feedback input is captured, organized, and tagged automatically
    • One platform. Single source of truth for crucial product opportunities – Aligned teams
    • Objective prioritization based on impact