Align teams with a single source of truth on user needs and pains

Getware consolidates user feedback from all sources to give you holistic understanding of user needs and pains.
User feedback is scattered across multiple tools in an organization may cause a disjointed understanding of user needs across organization. Getware integrates with all customer interaction tools and creates a searchable repository of user feedback to validate true impact of each feature request.
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With Getware, ensure a common understand of
customer needs and pains within teams

Without Getware

  • User feedback is fragmented across multiple tools
  • Hard to align teams due to disjointed understanding of customer needs
  • customer research is a single-purpose event 
  • Access to only limited feedback sources

With Getware

  • One platform to harmonize data from all feedback sources
  • A single source of truth serves as a reference irrespective of feedback source
  • Customer research findings can be used on multiple events if relevant
  • Democratize feedback data from all sources

3 steps: How to use Getware to align teams on user needs and pains

  • Integrate your video conferencing/ survey/support tools to Getware.
  •  Search for the customer annotations on the feature request on Getware to evaluate the true impact in terms of reach and ARR.
  •  Identify problems worth solving and add the key insights to your collection or share it with the team or create a ticket for engineering team.