Explore needs and pains extracted from user feedback

Using Getware’s NLP, you can explore feature-level opportunities – Likes, dislikes, gaps, requests, bugs and more.
Every customer interaction is filled with product insights. Getware extracts feature-level opportunities from every customer interaction across the channels and helps you identify the impact of each opportunity. Keeping track of user needs has just got easier.
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With Getware, make the most of every customer interaction.

Without Getware

    User feedback scattered across multiple platforms
  • Triaging qualitative user feedback is difficult
  • Access to customer commentary is limited
  • Analyzing all sources of feedback is not feasible manually

With Getware

  • One platform to harmonize data from all feedback sources
  • Every qualitative feedback input is captured, organized, and tagged automatically
  • Democratize customer commentary and insights from all feedback sources
  • Analyzing customer interactions at scale is easy

3 steps: How to use Getware to explore user needs and pains

  • Integrate your video conferencing/ survey/support tools to Getware.
  • Head to the Getware home page to explore automatically extracted user needs and pains.
  • Identify problems worth solving and add the key insights to your collection or share it with the team or create a ticket for engineering team.