Validate every product decision and user pain

Using Getware, you can extract all the customer conversations, and opportunity value related to the pain point you are solving.
A single searchable repository of user feedback. Getware aggregates and organizes every customer interaction (written or spoken) happening across multiple channels – sales calls, support tickets, NPS surveys, reviews, CRM and more.
No Credit card required      Free trial for 90 days     SOC 2 compliant

With Getware, work on the most impactful opportunities

Without Getware

    User feedback is scattered across multiple platforms
    Unable to use qualitative feedback effectively as it’s time-consuming to triage feedback manually
  • Objective validation of impact on retention/ new business is hard 
  • Subjectivity in prioritization

With Getware

  • One platform to harmonize data from all feedback sources
  • Every qualitative feedback input is captured, organized, and tagged automatically
  • Measure reach and impact in one click, transparent decision-making
  • Objective prioritization based on impact

3 steps: How to use Getware to validate product ideas

  • Integrate your video conferencing/survey/support tools to Getware.
  • Search for the product idea and Getware will extract all the relevant user feedback, as simple as googling.
  • Add the key insights to your collection or share it with the team or create a ticket for engineering team.